Voice of Chechenia
Political party of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria
"Voice of Chechenia"
Become a party member

What do you need to become a member of the Voice of Chechenia party?

To become a member of the political party "Voice of Chechenia" you must:


 • Familiarize yourself with the Charter and Program of the Party (Charter of the Party Voice of Chechnya);

 • Submit an application for membership in the Party through this electronic form;

 • By submitting this application, you consent to the processing of your personal data (the data provided is confidential);

 • Members of the Party can be persons over 18 years of age;

 • Each party member is subject to a monthly membership fee of 30€;

Attention ! Membership fee only after confirmation of acceptance into the party!

 • Membership in the Party is voluntary and individual;


Party Bank Details:


IBAN:BE10 9734 3878 6204